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Investment Management

Your Portfolio Management and Financial Planning Solutions

Because investment strategy is a long-term endeavor, you need someone to walk with you each step of the way, helping you navigate the financial landscape.  At Lansdowne Wealth Management, we believe in managing your assets carefully and cautiously. No emotional reactions here. Just educated, experienced advice to help you handle market fluctuations. We create a custom portfolio management plan with your unique situation in mind. We use the following criteria to help you build wealth and manage your investments over time.

"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

- Warren Buffett

Key Portfolio Management Factors, Including Retirement Forecasting

  • What is my tolerance for risk? How is that likely to change over time?
  • Does my current portfolio meet our lifestyle needs now and in the future?
  • Is my current investment strategy affordable? 
  • What is our net annual return in dollars and on a percentage basis?
  • How much are we paying annually for investment advice?
  • How tax-efficient is our investment portfolio?
  • What are my plans for my retirement savings?
  • Can I realistically expect to maintain my current standard of living once I leave work?
  • How should my investment strategy change now that I'm nearing retirement?
  • Historically speaking, how much should we adjust for inflation, cost-of-living, etc., risk and return on investment over the long haul?

Financial Management During Retirement

  • How much can we draw annually from our investment portfolio to supplement other sources of retirement income, while still making sure that our portfolio value keeps up with inflation?
  • What are the optimal choices to make for required minimum distributions from our retirement accounts prior to reaching age 70 1/2?
  • What investments should I spend first in retirement – taxable or tax-deferred retirement assets?
  • Should we consider long-term care insurance? What are the key factors to consider?
  • My spouse is not knowledgeable about (or perhaps not interested in) financial matters. Who can my spouse turn to for assistance if I am no longer available to handle our affairs?