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Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce can be a difficult, life-altering event. Adding to the tremendous emotional toll it can take on you as a person, the process can be financially devastating. All too often, poor financial decisions are made during the divorce process, which may ultimately have life-long ramifications. Many financial decisions during divorce cannot be undone. Only by getting the right professional financial advice, can you be assured that you have set yourself up in the best possible way in order to move forward with your life after divorce.

Divorce can be financially disastrous, particularly for a woman. It can also be the opportunity to lock in a secure financial future. The difference lies in how she handles the process.

A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.

- Brian Tracy

A divorce financial planner may help by making strategic recommendations in a cost-efficient manner, no matter what method you choose to deal with your divorce. Divorce financial planners have expertise that can help budget for this process and source funds to pay for the divorce, in addition to educating clients and professionals about complex financial issues, analyzing choices less expensively than lawyers and producing precise analysis for desired outcomes. They may also provide financial counseling to clients post divorce.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) will serve as the financial expert on your divorce team, working hand in hand with your divorce attorney, mediator, or as part of a collaborative team of experts. We will help guide you through the stressful and complex process of unraveling your marital assets and finances. While your divorce attorney handles legal matters, we will work to ensure you’re financially covered before, during, and after your divorce.

At LWM, we will provide financial analyses and projections that show the full financial and tax implications of each proposed divorce settlement offer: critical information your divorce attorney can use to substantiate and justify your position at the negotiating table or if necessary, in the courtroom. We will objectively look at child support issues, division of assets, and spousal support. Our efforts will allow you to make the best decisions, based on your desired long- and short-term outcomes.