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As you look back at your life, you may be reminded of some of your best and worst financial decisions. Many of those decisions were celebrated, and yet others may have taken years to recover from.

Retirement is your single greatest financial liability. You have reached a point in your life where you cannot afford to make mistakes. There is no “do-over” in retirement.

At LWM, we recognize these facts, and structure our advice, our philosophy, and our recommendations in appreciation of all that our clients must face in retirement.  Our goal is to help our clients retire securely, knowing that they will have the income they need in order to live the life they want, no matter how long that may be.
Nest Eggs
There are six critical concepts we follow in managing our clients' financial affairs:
  1. Balance in all financial matters is critical
  2. It's all about The Plan
  3. Avoid the "Big Mistakes"
  4. Take no more risk than is absolutely necessary (Risk can provide increasing, yet diminishing returns)
  5. Longevity is one of your single biggest threats
  6. Maintain realistic expectations