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Investment Management
You've accumulated an investment portfolio and are ready for professional money management. You need more sophistication but don't want more complexity. Our philosophy is to construct an investment portfolio that meets a client's personal needs and expectations, while ensuring you never accept more risk than is necessary. As a fee-only financial advisor, we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. >Learn More


Retirement Planning
You're beginning to plan for the next stage in your life. Maybe it's 10 years away; maybe you're already there. You have questions. At LWM we are serious about ensuring a successful retirement for you and your loved ones. With our unique financial planning and retirement models, we will develop a plan that is right for you. Talk to our Financial Advisors in Mystic, CT.


Divorce can be a difficult, life-altering event. Adding to the tremendous emotional toll it can take on you as a person, the process can be financially devastating. All too often, poor financial decisions are made during the divorce process, which ultimately have life-long ramifications. Many financial decisions during divorce cannot be undone. Only by getting the right professional financial advice, can you be assured that you have set yourself up in the best possible way in order to move forward with your life after divorce.