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L&M Hospital Individual 401K Management

As an individual 401K Retirement Plan participant in the L&M Hospital 401K Plan, employees may be able to utilize a “brokerage window” allowing access to professional money managers and an investment advisor, tailoring customized portfolios with greater investment options, increased flexibility and efficiencies.

Your “brokerage window” is a brokerage account that allows you or your designated Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and representative to invest your existing 401K balance into a range of investment options not offered within the standard menu of plan investment options. The best part is that your investments stay within your 401K plan.

With the guidance of an Investment Advisor Representative, a Self-Directed Brokerage Option can be a good solution for investors who want investment advice as well as a coordinated road map with the other assets and financial concerns that comprise their complete financial plan.

At LWM, we offer this unique service to 401K participants of the following companies:

General Dynamics SSIP
Pfizer Savings & Investment Plan
Lawrence & Memorial Hospital 401(k) Plan

This service is ideal for individuals that find:

  • Your returns are below the market average
  • You do not review your quarterly reports
  • You are looking for ways to grow and protect your investments
  • If you have not rebalanced your assets recently
  • You're not sure how to move ahead with your 401K and other assets
  • You are unsatisfied with the limited investment options in your 401K plan
  • You are beginning to think about retirement and are concerned about making mistakes with your retirement assets
  • You're looking for a more comfortable, professional fit with an advisor

*General Dynamics maintains numerous different plans, depending on which class/division you are employed by. Not all GD plans are eligible for this program.

Please note that these services are offered by The Pacific Financial Group, in partnership with Lansdowne Wealth Management, LLC., and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Pfizer, General Dynamics, and L&M Hospital.

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