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Best Paying Careers

Best Paying Career

This is a great article from Business Insider showing the Best Paying Careers among 820 different occupations. The article shows a data chart which was constructed by Reddit user Dan Lin, pulling wage data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This … [Continue reading]

IRA Contribution Limits 2017

401K Max Contribution Limits

IRA Contribution Limits Each year the IRS publishes updated IRA contribution limits, as well as catch-up contribution limits for the new year. Typically, the limits the IRS sets each year is based on inflation factors (with minimum $500 increases), … [Continue reading]

Best Financial Posts of the Week…07-22-13

Here is a roundup of some of the best posts of last week on the web: Weighing the Week Ahead: It's All About Earnings - Jeff Miller Slower … [Continue reading]

Fee-Only Financial Advisor in CT

Financial Planners in Connecticut Lansdowne Wealth Management, LLC ("LWM") is an independent, fee-only financial planning firm based in Mystic, Connecticut that offers financial retirement strategies backed by education, knowledge, and experience. … [Continue reading]

Best Financial Posts of the Week…

man at computer

Here is a roundup of some of the best posts of last week on the web: Roger Wohlner, the Chicago Financial Planner, talks about how to Avoid these 9 Investment … [Continue reading]

What Is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst?

CC-Dollar Drain

One of the most difficult aspects of divorce can be the financial trauma inflicted on both parties. Not only can the direct costs of divorce be significant (such as attorney fees, transitory costs, etc.), but the lifelong financial outcome and … [Continue reading]

Financial Common Ground

Financial Common Ground

Over the past few weeks, respected financial planner, author, and blogger, Tim Maurer addressed the financial planning community with what he saw as a breakdown in the authoritative qualities of our professional. More to the point, and to paraphrase … [Continue reading]

What is The Taper? Don’t Panic

Pfizer Allergan Merger

** UPDATE ** 12/18/2013 Well, there you have it. The Fed has finally announced it plans to being Tapering their bond buying from $85B a month down to $75B a month. Truth be told, the reduction in bond buying is symbolic, nothing more than market … [Continue reading]

6 Major Financial Mistakes During Divorce


After decisions about custody of children, the division of marital assets can be the most difficult aspect of divorce. Emotions can play a large role in how parties chose to split assets. This article outlines six of the biggest financial mistakes … [Continue reading]

Pension Plan Options – Lump Sum or Annuity?

Pension Plan Payout Options

Pension Plan Payout Options Most corporate pension systems offer a range of payout options when choosing how to receive benefits. It is extremely important to choose wisely, as in virtually all cases, once an election has been made, it cannot be … [Continue reading]