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General Dynamics 401K Connection Newsletter – November 2012

401KHere is the November 2012 issue of the General Dynamics 401K Connection newsletter.

The 401K Connection Newsletters are independent evaluations of 401(K) plans that help participants better understand their retirement accounts, the many investment options available to them, and provide them with model portfolios that they are free to follow and emulate at their discretion.  The newsletters are in no way affiliated with General Dynamics, Pfizer, L&M Hospital, or any of their affiliates. They are 3rd party newsletters provided for no cost to assist employees with better understanding and managing their 401K plans. Lansdowne Wealth Management is an independent wealth management firm that has no affiliation to General Dynamics, Pfizer, or L&M Hospital, nor the administrators of their 401K plans, Fidelity and Hewitt & Associates.

Around the first week of each month, subscribers receive our newsletter, customized to their employer (currently General Dynamics, Pfizer, or L&M Hospital). The newsletters are chock-full of useful information to help manage their 401K plan, including market & economic updates, analysis of your retirement plan, feedback on the various investment options, and model portfolios that are developed by our firm using the same strategies and philosophies we utilize for our own private clients. In addition, periodically you will receive articles written by our firm that can be useful in managing other aspects of your financial life, in addition to your 401K. The articles can always be accessed at our blog as well –

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