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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: Overview of Services
American retirees have identified the key ingredient to their retirement according to a recent study. Surprisingly, it wasn't how much money they had, but how well prepared they were, that counted the most.* Yet, having the income to enjoy life, pursue adventure, relax, or find new purpose in retirement is just like any other life goal: you need to have a carefully prepared strategy for success.

Consider the following points:

  • Making the right choices on retirement can be very challenging and time consuming
  • Not having a plan could cause unexpected loss of money or investment value
  • Using a patchwork of advisers or brokers may create unnecessary confusion and disappointment
  • Planning for unexpected events is essential to having the right strategy
  • Having the right plan in place five to ten years ahead of time is appropriate for most retirees

Retirement planning is a combination of comprehensive financial planning, as well as our Prudent Asset Management process. These services are typically delivered to those individuals within 5-10 years of retirement, or already retired. For those approaching retirement, there are a number of factors which will determine how detailed the approach to Retirement Planning will be, such as age, desired retirement age, financial needs, complexity of financial affairs, and employment situation. Detailed Retirement Planning is always included as part of the fee for our Asset Management clients.
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For those individuals that are not yet within 5-10 years of retirement, we also offer comprehensive Financial Planning services. You can click HERE for more information on those services.