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Financial Planning

As a financial advisor in Mystic, CT, LWM offers a comprehensive range of personal financial planning services. Our recommendations are always driven by what we believe to be in your best interest, based on the information you provide. It is always up to our clients what type of services they ultimately need. 
Financial Planning Services Include: 

The Second Opinion Service

LWM offers a Second Opinion, an objective, no-obligation evaluation of a broker investment recommendation, your existing personal financial plan, a financial product or a specific financial situation. You needn't be a client to take advantage. The service is not available for complex financial issues. If you are making a major financial decision, and need a professional, unbiased 3rd party opinion, this may be the right service for you.

The Focused Financial Assessment
The Focused Financial Assessment is an ev
aluation and assessment of a focused area of your finances. The process begins with a general overview of your financial situation. We then help you clarify your main area of concern and provide the resources to develop a general assessment of your situation with potential options to achieve improvements. Typical areas of focus may be cash flow management and forecasting, debt management, portfolio risk profiling, real estate strategies, tax planning or estate planning concerns. This service is not a comprehensive financial plan and is not available for complex financial planning issues requiring more than six hours of planner time.

The Complete Foundation Plan
This is our complete, comprehensive financial plan. This involves reviewing all aspects of your financial lives, including income and expenses, assets and liabilities, insurance coverage, family situation, goals, risks, and overall financial planning strategy. This is an extensive evaluation, and is meant to be dynamic over time. Future updates to your financial plan require less extensive work, and annual reviews and updates can be completed at a significantly discounted fee.
Financial Planning
The end result of the Complete Foundation is a comprehensive outline of our recommendations, along with a client checklist of items to be completed. As part of the Plan, your advisor will contact you periodically for progress updates to ensure the plan is being implemented properly and answer any questions that might need to be addressed. The Plan also includes unlimited phone and e-mail consultations for the first year (within reason, left to the discretion of LWM).

Fees for either of the first two services above (Second Opinion or Focused Financial Assessment) can be used as credits towards our Complete Foundation Plan.